Align with a partner who will handle your programs with diligence, integrity, creativity, and most of all, with in-depth experience.

Compliance Velocity has been working with compliance departments since 1997, when the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) first promoted compliance program guidance. We were hard at work on compliance programs even before the OIG introduced the use of Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA). Yes, we were there from the very beginning, concepting, designing, developing, producing, and managing compliance communications and training projects to mitigate risk and improve business results.

We have helped significant players in the pharma and medical device space: Pharmacia, Schering-Plough, Cephalon, Novartis and Bayer HealthCare and non-Pharma clients
such as Tyco.

We have the expertise to tailor your Ethics
and Compliance programs.

What we are like to work with:

Here's what our clients tell us: They worry less about the success to their program when partnering with us. They experience complete care, superior customer service, and exceptionally creative ways to achieve their compliance goals.

Three reasons clients are confident of success when we partner with them:

Because Compliance Velocity aligns with the values, goals, and strategies of the client.  From there, we overcome obstacles, think in multiple dimensions, bring forward fresh ideas, and execute marketing, IT, graphics, and multi-media projects on time and on budget. Clients call us the “buffer” between them and vendors, printers, programmers, and more.

We create bridges between the Compliance Department and employees. Frankly, we are different because we don’t speak in legalese (although we can). We speak the language of the market, the employees, the sales reps. We instill in them the desire to be ethical and follow the ever-changing rules and guidelines of compliance because it matters to business success in today’s highly regulated marketplace.

Compliance Velocity brings together a balanced team of subject matter experts and seasoned communicators. We deliver what we promise and go beyond the expected.  And we’re flexible, bendable, and adapt easily.